Office Coffee Machines

Italy Cup – Office Coffee Machine

Our smallest and most compact machine, the Italy Cup still offers 6 hot drinks. A desktop machine ideal for smaller businesses or shops, where you are still looking for the convenience of a fully automatic, one touch machine, but only have the space for a desktop unit.

The Italy cup is a pod machine so uses individual 8g pods of freshly ground coffee, and has canisters for milk, chocolate and water within the machine. The Italy cup offers short and long blacks, latte, cappuccino, mocha and hot chocolate. Ideal for use of up to 30 cups per day. Although the Italy Cup is small, compact machine, it still possesses all the advantages of the larger machines.

One touch operation with no need to separately froth the milk, great tasting fresh coffee and maintenance free. The real advantage over its competitors is the addition of an in built chocolate canister, unique in smaller machines it allows mochacinos and hot chocolates to be made with the same one touch operation




Saeco Rubino Coffee Vending Machine

The Saeco Rubino is our most popular machine designed to cater for most businesses. The Rubino is a fully enclosed, fully automatic whole bean coffee machine. It offers 8 choices of drink, those offered by the Italy Cup plus hot dark chocolate and either chai tea or chicken soup.

The Rubino is a floor standing machine,approximately 1.5m tall and 400mm wide. It has an automatic cup dispenser and can be set up with or without the coin mechanism. The Rubino is ideal for those businesses requiring 40 – 60 cups a day. The Rubino can be set to automatically dispense the drinks in 8oz paper cups for total ease, or for the office environment it can be removed to allow staff to use their own cups and mugs.

The other advantage of the Rubino is its ability to alter the drinks to suit each individual location. We can tailor the drinks to suit all tastes from a weaker, milkier coffee, to an extra strong macchiato with a double shot. The addition of a coin mechanism gives the Rubino total flexibility and means it can be placed in public locations for the use of paying guests and visitors. It can also be set up free to use in office environments.

Saeco Cristallo Vending Machine

The Saeco Cristallo is our largest machine and offers up to 12 hot drinks. Like its smaller brother the Rubino, it is fully automatic with everything contained within the machine. It can also be set up for coin operation or free to use.

The Cristallo is ideal for the larger business using over 60 cups per day. The cristallo has all the advantages of the Rubino, it can be used with or without cups, with or without coins, and all the drinks can be individually set to suit each customer. The cristallo is simply a larger machine which allows for more drink choices and is designed for the larger business or the heavy coffee user.


Necta Brio coffee machines

Necta Brio Office Coffee Machine

Slightly larger than the Saeco Rubino, this is another great machine. The Brio is fully automatic with 10 drink choices and automatic cup dispenser. It can also be used with or without coins. It falls in size between the Rubino and Cristallo and is ideal for businesses using around 30 – 50 cups per day.

To make sure we produce the best possible coffee we only use the best ingredients. We use Kimbo coffee beans roasted in Italy, 100 % skimmed milk (not a whitener as many other machines use) and a superfine Italian chocolate which is delicious!

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